ANN: IsaViz - A Visual Authoring Tool for RDF

W3C's Semantic Web Advanced Development initiative [1] announces the 
release of IsAViz, a visual environment for browsing and authoring RDF 
models represented as graphs featuring:
* a 2.5D user interface allowing smooth zooming and navigation in the graph
* creation and edition of models by drawing ellipses, boxes and arcs
* RDF/XML and N-Triple import
* RDF/XML and N-Triple export, but also SVG and PNG export

Learn more about IsaViz at

IsaViz was created as part of W3C's Semantic Web Advanced Development 
project and is based on:
-the Visual Transformation Machine, a zoomable user interface toolkit 
from Xerox Research Centre Europe
-Jena, the Semantic Web toolkit from HP Research Labs
-Graphviz, the graph layout library from AT&T Research
-Xerces, the XML parser from the Apache Software Foundation


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Received on Friday, 15 March 2002 02:38:26 UTC