Re: parseType="literal"


>   We are having some problems using the parseType literal and including
> some xml in the literal.

I don't know what tool you are using, but it looks like it is parsing the
xml, as you would expect since there is supposed to be a difference between
text to be quoted and xml markup.  Unfortunately it seems that the
processing instructions are being ignored.

>   in the description they say "any well-formed xml", is it right?
>    so, why this is converted to this?

>      <vbox
> xmlns="">
>            </vbox>

This is actually correct, because the vbox element is in it's parent
element's default namespace (that is,
xmlns='').  It
does not change the namespace of the vbox element to make its namespace

It's clear that your processor has actually parsed the xml in the literal,
then serialized the parsed xml to create the output that you see.

I do not know how the xml is being parsed.  It might not be hard to get it
to process and keep the processing instructions.


Tom P

Received on Monday, 11 March 2002 10:40:29 UTC