Re: n3 wishlist: automatic namespace selection

[Tim Berners-Lee]

> How about a sort of "import from"?
> @use  text, pen, author, color <//http://address/of/one/ontology#>.
> @use cost, total <//http://address/of/one/ontology2#>.
> @keyword  this, forall, forsome, a.
> @prefix defualt
> where the "use" and "keyword"  cut out specific words,
> leaving the rest to be from the default space.

Oh, yes, I like @use!  I don't quite grasp what you mean for @keyword,
though.  If @keyword leaves the "rest to be form the default namespace",
then what namespace are those keywords in?  Or do you simply mean that all
words not specified as keywords (and not imported by @use), are to be
treated as ordinary words event though other places they might be keywords?
That would be interesting.  It could help extensibility, I think.


Tom P

Received on Thursday, 7 March 2002 19:57:24 UTC