Re: RDF/XML for cataloging


well, RDF describes URIs. So the content of the RDF tends to point to the
thing(s) it is describing, which means if you search the RDF you can use it
to get a pointer to the thing it was about.

In general it is helpful to have a way of going the other way - finding the
RDF that describes a particular resource. There are techniques for doing that
which I will leave to the developers who are reading here to expand on, but
some of the most simple are using HTML constructs like

  <link rel="meta" href="blah" /> in HTML/XHTML, or having RDF embedded in
the content itself, for XML languages



On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Leo Przybylski wrote:


  I'm pretty new to RDF/XML. I'm currently building a digital library with
  metadata that extends the current stucture of Dublin Core. I know Dublin Core
  utilizes RDF for its RDF/XML structure, but since I'm so new to RDF I still
  have trouble understanding how RDF can be used for resource discovery? Is the
  content expected to be bound with the RDF data set to describe itself?

  I've read the RDF documentation, but haven't found any description on its
  intended use.

  can anyone describe this to me?


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