[ANN] Preview of Antology now available for download

Antology is an "Associative Data Modelling" database product and a preview
version is now available for download from http://www.cakehouse.co.uk.

The metadata-driven nature of this product provides certain advantages over
traditional Relational Databases.  Existing clients have experienced
significant improvements in time-to-market and maintainability of their
Antology-based applications, especially when making changes and extensions
to their data models.

The XML module, together with a suitable XSLT parser makes it ideal for
implementing metadata-driven web sites.  It is also currently being used by
Tesco (a top UK retailer) as an easy way to mix data from different sources
and an effective way to augment these existing RDBMS schemas and enrich the
data still further.

The preview is a read-only version of one of the data manipulation /
visualisation tools, which you can use to explore the "Pubs" database,
hosted centrally.  Of course, in the full product you can use this tool
(amongst others) to manipulate the data as well.

Feedback is much appreciated, so please let the Cakehouse know what you
think of it through the feedback channels provided on the web site.



Received on Tuesday, 5 March 2002 03:20:50 UTC