Re: Ann: Simplistic RDF Editor in SVG+ECMAScript

 "Damian Steer" <>
> "Jim Ley" <> writes:
> > I've created a simple graphical RDF editor, based on the screenshots
> > description of
> > are many things wrong with it.
> My lawyers will be in touch ;-)

Ah, but it's clearly different, my Literals are in rectangular blobs. :-)

> Didn't work on IE5.1 (mac os x) with Adobe Plugin (IIRC Adobe said
> that DOM support was lacking), or (alas) any Mac OS X browsers -
> though I haven't got Mozilla w/ svg built in. :-(
> Sounds cool, tho'. Maybe amaya will work...

Until Amaya gets Script support I think that's unlikely - I use external
scripts (otherwise input/output of the graph/triples becomes impossible I
believe.) so the requirements are rather high unfortunately.  I'll have a
good test of it myself with the Mac IE and Adobe plugin see what is
missing and if it can be changed, the changes for Adobe plugin 2.0 on
windows weren't too onerous (but made the graphs ugly as I can't find the
size of a bit of text.)

It would be nice to have Mozilla working, but I understand the built-in
Mozilla's SVG DOM support isn't yet up to it.


Received on Sunday, 3 March 2002 09:06:02 UTC