Re: Specifing language direction in RDF

> In XML Namespaces the xhtml:dir attribute has no
> defined URI, but in RDF you need a URI in order
> to create a property for this. Putting in a hash mark
> seems the most reasonable approach to me.

But it's not. The problem with that approach is that one cannot tell
the difference between the various namespace partitions. For example,
by your apporach, you cannot tell the difference between the element
QName xhtml:title, and the attribute QName xhtml:title. Not only that,
but you do *not* control (AFAIK) the contents of the "namespace" in
question, so you cannot possibly define the semantics - if you do, you
may get a shock when the W3C decides to say something else about those
URI-views that you didn't expect.

However, what you can do is model the QNames:-

   [ a :ElementQName;
      :ns <>;
      :name "title" ] .

using your own suitable namespace for the various properties and
classes. cf. Sands [1].


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Received on Saturday, 2 March 2002 10:44:04 UTC