ANN: Nocturne on an RDF Schema for topic maps at KT2002

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Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 07:12:34 -0500 (EST)
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From: Lars Marius Garshol <>

I will be holding a nocturne at KT 2002 in Washington later this month
where we (I + the participants) will work on creating an RDF Schema
for topic maps.

Below is the text of the proposal I sent to the conference organizers.

I presented a paper on the relationship between topic maps and RDF in
Berlin, and the presentation was attended by a number of RDF people,
who raised the idea that what we need is an RDF Schema for topic maps,
which would allow RDF applications to make use of topic map semantics.
I proposed that we do a workshop on this subject in Seattle, and this
was received with some enthusiasm.

The goal for this workshop is that the participants will come out of
it with a proposal for an RDF Schema for topic maps. The workshop will
begin with a short introductory presentation setting out the goals for
the session (in order of priority): 

  - to define an RDF Schema for topic maps, 

  - as far as possible the schema should not redefine concepts that
    have direct equivalents in RDF (for example, perhaps rdf:type can
    be used for <instanceOf>), 

  - the schema should allow individual properties and classes from
    that schema to be reused in other RDF applications,

  - to understand the relationship between RDF terminology and topic
    map terminology, and

  - to see to what extent public subjects can be made interoperable
    between topic maps and RDF, so that a public subject, once
    defined, can be used with both.

The workshop will follow a set of slides setting out the constructs to
be modelled in RDF based on the infoset data model for topic maps
(which is to form the basis of the ISOs Standard Application Model),
as well as issues related to them. The slides are intended as a means
of structuring the discussions of the workshop.

Discussion on each slide will continue until the participants are
satisfied with the solution, at which point what has been agreed upon
will be captured, and the workshop will proceed with the next slide.
The goal is that at the end of the workshop a complete, if possibly
rough, schema for topic maps will have been proposed. This can then be
reviewed via email by the participants and published on the web once

The further course of action, if any, will be discussed among the
participants of the workshop.

Lars Marius Garshol, Ontopian         <URL: >
ISO SC34/WG3, OASIS GeoLang TC        <URL: >

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