Article: Exploring new design flows -- integration and automation


I would like to recommend this new article: Exploring new design flows --
integration and automation

The author of the article uses RDF and XML for EDA:

   Using RDF and XML for EDA will allow you to present an
   information-centric view of resources on your Intranet and on the web.
   RDF based resources are represented as structured information, and
   thus gain many of the benefits of databases. These techniques can be
   employed to provide global resource discovery and resource management.


John Punin

Exploring new design flows -- integration and automation
By Tom Moxon, EEdesign
Jul 25, 2002 (2:53 PM)

Editor's Note: In Part 4 of this series, consultant and ASIC designer Tom
Moxon covered several physical optimization and layout design flows, with
some discussion of the signal integrity issues facing
ASIC designers today. In this last installment of the series he'll
demonstrate several techniques for the integration and automation of RTL
to GDSII design flows. He'll discuss several ways to reduce design
cycle turnaround times using resource management tools like the Sun
Gridware Engine, as well as some of the advanced dependency graphing
tools, such as Flowtracer/EDA.

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