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Teresa Pereira wrote:

 > I have a file with Some RDF documents, and i need to build a
 > research engine. I want to make queries to the rdf documents,
 > which tool should i use? I already take a look at the x-query
 > working group but i really don't know which tool to use.

Well, assuming that you wish to query at the RDF model level (and
not at the XML syntax level which is probably what using Xquery
would get you), there are several tools out there, in varying
stages of maturity. I'll shamelessly plug "my own" tool here:
Sesame ( is an RDF & RDF Schema
storage and querying architecture that might fit your
requirements. It is Open Source and freely downloadable.

Other tools you might want to take a look at are the Jena
Toolkit, RDF Suite, RDFDB, Squish, Redland, etc. The list goes on.

There is actually quite a nice survey on these tools in a recent
technical report from the Ontoweb project, which might be of some
help to you (keep in mind though that these tools are usually
still under development, therefor some data in this survey may be
out of date already):

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