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> The same holds of RDFS, too -- no property is declared to be a part of
>  either the range or the domain. Again, the only reason we view such
>  relations as having been degraded into attributes is that the relevant
>  specs occasionally depict them that way and that the XML serialization
>  looks like the subject is somehow more tightly bound to the properties
>  than the object. The only time the principle breaks down is when one
>  considers putting literals on the left side of a relation.  

I see your view that I am imparting a deficiency on RDF based on its 
serialization syntax and my semantics for the word "Property"; however, I 
the effect of the above combination leads to what I would consider weak
uses of RDF (class/attribute modeling) instead of modeling relations.

> OK. Just for the fun of it I'll put the association stuff up on
> .

Thanks for this!!  I'll check it out.

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