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> I filed for a patent on RDF to relational model  mapping.
I found a copy at

"""The present invention provides a system for navigation through 
multiple documents in Extensible Markup Language and Resource 
Description Framework to inspect data/metadata in order to either start 
a transaction on selected item(s) in separate thin client window(s) with 
persistent connectivity through Internet Inter ORB Protocol or 
implicitly trigger read-only queries in Structured Query Language (SQL) 
represented in Resource Description Framework against a unified virtual 
Database defined over multiple physical disparate object relational 
databases over the web. An implicitly generated query retrieves desired 
sets of properties and entities presented in documents of Extensible 
Markup Language and Resource Description Framework for further 
navigation. Container types in Resource Description Framework are mapped 
by this invention to record and table types in a normalized relational 
model where URIs locating elements in relational schema components over 
the web are stored as primary keys/foreign keys in normalized tables. 
Methods and operators on such web objects are defined as part of 
user-defined package definitions in object relational schema where 
object request brokers apply such methods or operators on result sets 
from relational operations anywhere on the web. This invention uniquely 
incorporates two distinct stages of SQL computations for a collaborative 
method of preparation, execution and resolution of an object SQL query 
over disparate locations of multiple object relational databases on the 

It was filed Dec. 6, 1999.

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