Special Report: Datamining Technology and Market Forecast, 2002-2007

FORECAST, 2002-2007

Dear colleagues,

This is to announce a recent study of Data Mining
Technology and Market Forecast, 2002-2007, has been

The study is presented at this time because of the
rapid development of the Data Mining market.  This
market is being strongly influenced and facilitated by
the ubiquitous availability of Internet infrastructure
(ICT), E-commerce, the rapid growth of PC, and also
the growing acceptance of direct/database marketing

As DM has become an established method for improving
old statistical tools to predict future trends, recent
trends indicate the DM market will take its place as
one of major tools for data analytics solution of
choice across all industry lines within the next few

The proposed report has an objective to develop a
market-oriented state-of-the-industry document
concerning Data Mining solutions, both of those which
already existing or are likely to come. The document
will be supported by an analysis of the important
technical and economic driving forces working in the
industry, along with forecasts and an explanation of
the reasons, methods, and assumptions went into them.
This market report will examine the market for Data
Mining in comparison to the historical market and the
business processes affecting each industrial segment. 

Though surely there are various Data Mining reviews
and reports available in the market, few of them
really offer a substantial coverage of Europe region
and also emerging markets like Asia region. The
present report provides an analysis of the complete DM
industry and markets, by methods and end use, up to
the year 2007. The structure of the industry is
discussed, and company profiles of the major players
in each of the industry segments are presented. The
report is directed to decision makers in the Data
Mining industry and also the related electronics
commerce and other industries alike; since 
it is believed sooner or later all industries will
take advantage of data analytics solutions.  

Preview of Contents and Sample Chapter of the report
is available for free in pdf format (from acropad)  in
http://www.eazt.com at Freedownload section. Should
you be further interested to purchase the report in
electronic format, write to e-mail whisper@ekilat.com.

Thanks for your kind attention and best regards,

Victor C.
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