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This call is limited to those working in:

Austria, UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, France,
Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ireland and Finland.

700-800 word articles for general scientific reader consumption on
interesting work towards
the Semantic Web by Wednesday 21 August 2002.

Call for contributions to ERCIM News No. 51 (October 2002)

DEADLINE FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: Wednesday 21 August 2002

The sections of EN51 are :

       * Joint ERCIM Actions
       * The European Scene

* SPECIAL THEME: Semantic web

Coordinated by Jérôme Euzenat (INRIA)

The world wide web today enables people to access documents and 
services on the Internet. It requires human intelligence for 
understanding and using pages written in natural and graphic 
languages. The size of this web amounts to its success but prohibits 
extensive human management.
The idea of a semantic web aims at overcoming this problem. The 
semantic web augments the current web with formalised knowledge and 
data that can be processed by computers. Some services will mix human 
readable and structured data so both humans and computers can use 
them. Others will support only formalised knowledge and will only be 
used by machines. Research activities for building the semantic web 
are now very active and are central to the "knowledge technologies" 
area of the European Union's 6 framework programme.
There are currently many proposal of languages, protocols and 
applications for being used in the semantic web. One of the 
challenges of the current developments is the design of a framework 
in which many understanding of this formalised knowledge can 
interplay, because the full benefit of the semantic web can only be 
attained when computers relate resources from various sources.

Contributions are welcome describing ongoing or accomplished research 
related to the semantic web at your institution. This includes 
notably, but not exclusively:
- languages for the semantic web;
- reasoning with and manipulating semantic web knowledge;
- semantic web infrastructure and protocols;
- models of trust, proof and rewards for the semantic web;
- distributed ontology life-cycle support;
- knowledge capture (from resources or people) for the semantic web;
- migration and adoption models;
- legal and social issues of the semantic web;
- foundational ontologies and general-purpose resources;
- applications of the semantic web;
- semantic web services.

       * R &D and  Technology Transfer
       * Events
       * In Brief

Guidelines for ERCIM News articles

Style: ERCIM News is read by a large variety of people. Keeping this 
in mind the article should be descriptive (emphasize more the 'what' 
than the 'how')  without too  much technical detail together with an 
illustration, if possible.

Length : Try to keep the article short, i.e. 700-800 words.

Format : Submissions preferably in ASCII text or MS Word

Structure of the article :
The emphasis in ERCIM News is on 'news'. This should be reflected in 
both Title and Lead ('teaser'). For example, a title like: 'Semantic 
Web research at the .. institute' should be avoided, and replaced by 
something drawing attention to a new development. Also: no review 

* a teaser:
a few words about the project/topic. Printed in bold face, this part 
is intended to raise interest. (keep it short)

* details describing :
what the project/product is
who is involved
where it takes place
why the research is being done
when it was started/completed the aim of the project
the techniques employed
the orientation of the project
future activities
other institutes involved in this project
co-operation with other ERCIM members in this field

* useful Link(s)
* a contact address with:
	- full name of the author
	- phone number
	- e-mail address

Additional items:
* an illustration (photos, graphics), for example of the product, 
applications mentioned in the article, people working on the project, 
etc. (avoid as much as possible flow charts and screen dumps). 
Illustrations must be accompanied by a caption.

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