The impact of XML/RDF on digital libraries

Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the final year of my Information & Library Studies degree
programme based at Loughborough University. For my dissertation I'm
exploring the impact of XML/RDF on digital libraries. I would greatly
appreciate any responses to the questions below or general thoughts on the
subject of Resource Description Framework and digital libraries.

1) What do you consider to be the key trends in digital library development
in terms of metadata and resource description. In what way will RDF play a
part in this development?

2) What is an 'intelligent' search, and will RDF enable intelligent searches
of digital collections?

3) If RDF becomes a widely accepted standard will the skills of librarians
still be important in digital library development or will its future
development become the task of the artificial intelligence fraternity?

4) Do you foresee any barriers to this acceptance. Are there any limitations
to the RDF model?

Many thanks,

Simon Jones
Room 7, Block E3
Eggington Court, Loughborough University
Loughborough, Leicestershire
LE11 3UF, United Kingdom.

Received on Sunday, 24 February 2002 14:23:56 UTC