RE: new cwm release

I am running new cwm for the first time and tried the command -test.  I get
an error stating:

  File "", line 230, in directive
    if i<0: raise BadSyntax(self._thisDoc, self.lines, str, j, "expected
qname after bind or prefix")
notation3.BadSyntax: Line 8 of <>: Bad syntax (expected
qname after bind or prefix) at ^ in:
"...>- dc:title -> "Moby Dick" ] .
     bind^ default <>.

Is this 'error' actually the bug check mentioned or am I not running

John Black

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> From: Tim Berners-Lee []
> Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 12:32 AM
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> Cc: Norman Walsh
> Subject: new cwm release
> I have just made a new release of cwm.  Functionalty is 
> basically the same,
> but code is better inside.  List handling should be improved. 
>  Formulae
> are interned and can therefore be compared and matched in queries.
> Hmmm. must add tests for that.
> -rdf=d   option now allows one to stop the rdf/xml serialization using
>               default namespaces, as requested by Norm Walsh.
> -n3=d   option the same fro n3 output.
>  Also, a bug which Norm mentioned should be fixed, with
>   XML output trying to use default namesapces on attributes.
> Regression test now includes this bug check.
> Tim

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