Re: Wanted: Web services standard (Article)

> There are a couple of things which make RDF and the Semantic Web difficult
> to sell.
> One is that it is a wee bit boring. I've yet to see a presentation about RDF
> which is as interesting as, for instance a Topic maps presentation.

Well, shameless plug ahead, but I've heard this before ("You know, I slept 
through graph theory in comp sci, and I don't know why I should care about 
graphs on the Web).

I took that as a direct challenge, and I think I have a solution for my 
introduction to RDF at XML/Web Services one in San Jose this June (somewhat 
craftily titled):

I won't have as much time for it, but I'll have a dry run for the approach at 
XML Europe  (schedule not posted yet)

I'll have slides up on my Web pages afterwards, but they'll be static, and 
won't carry the same punch.

Let's see if we can't flavor this tofu.  8-)

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