Paper: Benchmarking RDF Schemas for the Semantic Web

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        Benchmarking RDF Schemas for the Semantic Web
        Aimilia Magkanaraki, Sofia Alexaki, Vassilis Christophides, and
                Dimitris Plexousakis
        Institute of Computer Science, FORTH
        {aimilia, alexaki, christop, dp}

   Describing web resources using formal knowledge (i.e. providing
rich machine processible metadata) is the essence of the next evolution
step of the Web, termed the Semantic Web. The W3C's RDF/S (Resource
Description Framework/Schema Language) enables the creation and exchangeof
resource metadata as normal web data. In this paper, we investigate the
use of RDF schemas as a means of knowledge representation and exchange in
diverse application domains. In order to reason about the quality of
existing RDF schemas, a benchmark serves as the basis of a statistical
analysis performed with the aid of VRP, the Validating RDF Parser. The
statistical data extracted lead to corollaries about the size and the
morphology of RDF/S schemas. Furthermore, the study of the collected
schemas results in useful conclusions about the actual use of RDF modeling
constructs and frequent misuses and misunderstandings of RDF/S syntax
and/or semantics.

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Aimilia Maganaraki.

Received on Tuesday, 5 February 2002 10:13:19 UTC