RE: RDFCore WG: Datatyping documents

A couple of errata in the RDF Datatyping document

1. (A nit) In section 4.5 'datatype that is defines.'should be 'datatype
that it defines.'

2. (More than a nit) In section 4.7 you have: rdfs:range xsd:decimal.val and rdfs:domain xsd:decimal.lex

But you earlier define a datatype mapping as: "... a set of pairs whose
first element belongs to the value space of the datatype, and the second
element belongs to the lexical space of the datatype." So the mapping is
from value space to lexical space. This is also how it is drawn in the
figure in section 4.1. Therefore, the domain of the datatype mapping (the
'from' set) is the value space and the range (the 'to' set) is the lexical
space. So, unless I'm more confused than usual, I would reverse the
definitions in section 4.7. Indeed, in section 4.4 you show
mapping to 'true' and '1' which are clearly lexical values.

John F Schlesinger
SysCore Solutions

PS Here are the definitions from RDF Schema.

3.1.3. rdfs:range

An instance of ConstraintProperty that is used to indicate the class(es)
that the values of a property must be members of.

3.1.4. rdfs:domain

An instance of ConstraintProperty that is used to indicate the class(es) on
whose members a property can be used.

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