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DCMI News Release (fwd)

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News on the organisational structure of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative...


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Stuart Weibel, Ph.D.
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
6565 Frantz Road
Dublin, Ohio  43017-3395

Telephone:   +1-614-764-6081
On the Web:  <http://dublincore.org>
E-mail:      <mailto:dcmi-feedback@dublincore.org>

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DUBLIN, Ohio (USA), February 1, 2002-The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
(DCMI) announces its first Board of Trustees, formed to provide strategic
leadership and support to the organization.  Trustees are selected for a
variety of characteristics, including personal and professional abilities,
geographical representation, and professional sector.  The DCMI Board of
Trustees consists of:

* DENISE BEDFORD, Thesaurus Manager and Senior Information Officer, World
Bank Group (Washington, D.C., U.S.A.)

* JOSEPH BUSCH, Director of Solutions Architecture, Interwoven (Sunnyvale,
California, U.S.A.)

* MICHAEL CRANDALL, Technology Manager, Libraries and Public Access to
Information Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Seattle, Washington,

* LORCAN DEMPSEY, Vice President, OCLC Research (Dublin, Ohio, U.S.A.)

* JUHA HAKALA, Development director, Helsinki University Library - The
National Library of Finland (Helsinki, Finland)

* NATHALIE LEROY, Chief, Information Processing Section, Library, United
Nations Office at Geneva (Switzerland)

* NEIL MCLEAN, Director, IMS Australia, Macquarie University (Sydney,

* NIGEL OXBROW, Chief Executive, TFPL Ltd. (London, U.K.), and

* SHIGEO SUGIMOTO, Professor, University of Library and Information Science
(Tsukuba, Japan).

"DCMI is very happy to have this group of people help guide and promote the
Initiative," said Stu Weibel, DCMI's Executive Director.  "The Board of
Trustee members come from 6 countries on 4 continents and bring the
perspectives of many professional backgrounds.  Their counsel will help
raise the profile of the Initiative and further its development and
sustainability."  More information about the Board and its Members is
available online at <http://dublincore.org/about/trustees/>.

About DCMI
The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative <http://dublincore.org/about/> is
dedicated to promoting the widespread adoption of interoperable metadata
standards and developing specialized metadata vocabularies for describing
resources that enable more intelligent information discovery systems.  It is
the maintenance agency for the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set standard.

About Dublin Core
The collaboratively developed Dublin Core
<http://dublincore.org/documents/dces/> is an ANSI-approved, internationally
accepted metadata standard for describing electronic information.  It
includes 15 data elements for describing and organizing electronic resources
to make them easier to find and access over the Web.  Dublin Core elements
can be extended to meet the special needs of individual disciplines while
promoting interoperability among disciplines.  A significant and growing
number of people and organizations
<http://dublincore.org/about/participants/>, and governments
<http://dublincore.org/news/adoption/> use the Dublin Core and participate
in DCMI activities.

About OCLC
OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. <http://www.oclc.org> is a
not-for-profit, global cooperative of libraries, specializing in metadata
services.  OCLC is DCMI's current host and supports the costs of the DCMI
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