Re: refining DC.relation w/ Jena

your questions are more related to only Jena then subject of this list -
general RDF/SW problems,  so it'd better send them to jena yahoo-group
I'm forwarding answer to
1 yes, it is a right way to implement DC refinements

2 when you write RDF model
you specify "base uri"
lCom.html#write(, java.lang.String, java.lang.String)
If you use this method then in written version of RDF model relative url
will be substituted by baseURI + relative
But as far as I understand it does not affect model itself, so you'll not
get right absolute URI  calling  getURI method of Resource

Best regards
MSc Andrei S. Lopatenko
Vienna University of Technology
A chairman of CERIF Task Group
euroCRIS conc.

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Subject: refining DC.relation w/ Jena

> Allow me two questions:
> [1] Is this the right way to implement in Jena the refinements of the DC
> vocabulary?
> Property isPartOf = m.createProperty(DC.relation + ".isPartOf");
> ...which results in the following line in RDF:
> <dc:relation.isPartOf rdf:resource=''/>
> [2] Do I have to build valid absolute URIs by myself? -- like in
>      Resource foo = m.createResource("");
> or is there some method where I could say
>      Resource foo = m.createResource("localfool");
> TIA, david
> Jena-1.3.0

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