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CWM patches?

From: David Saff <saff@MIT.EDU>
Date: 16 Aug 2002 10:53:40 -0400
To: RDF-Interest <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
Message-Id: <1029509620.5754.35.camel@jane>


I'm doing some hacking on a module that uses pieces of cwm, and have a
few suggested patches.  The CWM page at
suggests this mailing list as a place for discussion on such matters,
but if that is wrong, please ignore and forgive the rest of this message
and point me in the correct direction.

Anyway, I was looking at some possible optimization of CWM (especially
in endFormula), and decided that I should run against the latest CVS
source for best results.  My code in some places creates an RDFSink with
a null genPrefix, expecting that the usingRunNamespace functionality
will auto-generate.  It appeared, however, that in the latest checked-in
version, usingRunNamespace was broken.  This patch in RDFSink (against
the CVS version current as of noon 2002/08/16 GMT) seemed to fix the

diff /home/saff/cwm_playspace/2000/10/swap/RDFSink.py ./RDFSink.py
< 	    self._genPrefix = ns + "#_g"
>             # dsaff note: # had been added twice
> 	    self._genPrefix = ns + "_g"
< 	    ns =  self._genPrefix[1]
> 	    ns =  self._genPrefix # not sure why this was indexed before: [1]
< 	    self.bind("run", ns[:hash+1])
> 	    self.bind("run", (SYMBOL, ns[:hash+1]))

In addition, I didn't think it made sense to force clients of diag.py to
set the global variable chatty_flag:

diff /home/saff/cwm_playspace/2000/10/swap/diag.py ./diag.py
> chatty_flag = 0

Finally, Symbol.representation seemed broken:
diff /home/saff/cwm_playspace/2000/10/swap/thing.py ./thing.py
<         return "<" + self.uriref(base) + ">"
>         return "<" + self.uriref2(base) + ">"
>         if base == None:
>             return self.uriref()

Corrections and gentle reproof appreciated.  Thanks,

	David Saff
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