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Semantic Web

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I am from Brazil and I have just got my MA in Hypermedia Studies at the
University of Westminster, London. 

I am writing an article about the future of the Internet. I am using the
term "Man-Internet Symbiosis" inspired in 

a paper written in 1960 by the great scientist J.C.R. Licklider. I am also
using Vannevar Bush  As We May Think  

published in 1945 to sustain my ideas about the Symbiotic Internet. 

I am not a programmer even with some technical background but I am
interested in put together pieces of ideas, 

theorems and formulas that I believe will form the next step of the Wide
World Web. 

I have found a very good link between Autonomy s search engine, based on
Baynes theorem and Shannon s Information theory. 

In his book Weaving the Web, Berners-Lee talks about the Semantic Web when
Computers will become capable to analyzing all the 

data on the Web; the content, links and transactions between people and
computer . Do you know the Autonomy s approach to the subject? 

Is it necessary to develop a language to achieve such task? Could you
explain me the different between the thoughts?

I really appreciate your help. 

Best Regards,

Gilson Teixeira

MA in Hypermedia Studies

University of Westminster, London
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