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FW: bookmarks in LDAP - XUL template for RDF datasource result "blank" (xmatl@fi.muni.cz)

From: Edd Dumbill <edd@usefulinc.com>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 17:16:35 +0100
To: www-rdf-interest@w3.org
Message-ID: <20010331171631.B31228@usefulinc.com>
This came to the mozilla-rdf list.  I thought that the work with LDAP
and bookmarks might be of interest to folk on this list, as shared
bookmarking etc. grows in the orchard of low-hanging SW fruit.

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From: Rostislav Matl <xmatl@fi.muni.cz>
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Subject: bookmarks in LDAP - XUL template for RDF datasource result "blank"
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 I'm working on bookmarks storable in LDAP. I've allready
 done conversion of Netscape bookmarks to DSML using 
 Dublin Core Metadata Element Set vocabulary. I've also
 XSLT template for transforming the DSML to LDIF.
 - it's believed to be stable beta quality (no known bugs now),
 so if somebody interested in it, I can send it or publish it 

 Now I'd like to acces this data using XUL templates + LDAP RDF
 datasource and that seems to be problem for me. Everytime I access 
 chrome://communicator/content/ldapviewer/example.xul (where I
 have the template) I got only "blank" page. I'm new to that
 things and after reading some docs and lot of trials I'm quite
 desperade not knowing what I'm doing wrong. 

 I'm attaching text dump of page showing the content of the
 used LDAP URI as it shows Nestcape Communicator and the

 Please, if is there somebody experienced with it, give me
 some corrective advice ...

  Rostislav Matl

                            Object Class top
                            dcTitle      LDAP
                                 Real Audio

                          Object Class top
                          dcTitle      Real Audio
                         ATI - Developer Relations

   Object Class top
   dcTitle      ATI - Developer Relations
   dcIdentifier http://www.atitech.com/conspiracy/dev_lair/dev_lair.html
                                FSS & comp.

                          Object Classtop
                          dcTitle     FSS & comp.
                                 FI & comp.

                          Object Class top
                          dcTitle      FI & comp.
                                Elinora MUD

           Object Classtop
           dcTitle     Elinora MUD
                 Information Resources (general\,unsorted)

           Object Class top
           dcTitle      Information Resources (general,unsorted)
                      Information Resources - Internet

               Object Class top
               dcTitle      Information Resources - Internet
               Information Resources - Phlisophy and Religion

        Object Class top
        dcTitle      Information Resources - Phlisophy and Religion
                        Information Sources - Linux

                  Object Classtop
                  dcTitle     Information Sources - Linux
                   Infromation Sources - Web Development

             Object Classtop
             dcTitle     Infromation Sources - Web Development

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://communicator/skin/" type="text/css"?>

<window title="LDAP Manager Prototype"

  <tree datasources="rdf:ldap" flex="2" id="testTree" 
        <!-- datasources - whitespace separated list of datasources that should be used to build XUL -->
        <!-- ref - the "starting point" in the RDF graph -->

     <rule> <!-- specifies how a portion of the RDF graph should be translated into a XUL content mode -->
         <content uri="?uri" />
         <triple subject="?uri"
                 object="?dcTitle" />

         <treechildren flex="1">
           <treeitem uri="?dcTitle">
               <treecell class="treecell-indent" value="?dcTitle" flex="1" />


  <treecols id="theColumns">
    <treecol id="dcTitle" flex="1" />

    <treerow id="headRow">
      <treecell value="dcTitle" flex="1" />


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