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RDF calendar taskforce and use-cases

From: Greg FitzPatrick <greg.fitzpatrick@metamatrix.se>
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 13:53:51 -0500
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From: "Greg FitzPatrick" <greg.fitzpatrick@metamatrix.se>
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Subject: RDF calendar taskforce and use-cases

Libby wrote:

>Discussion at the RDF Interest group meeting in Boston last week made it
>clear that there was a lot of interest in the use of RDF for

>Let me know if you are interested, and we'll see if there is sufficient
>discussion to warrant setting up an email list.

As a co-author of the SKiCal draft, I would like to express our support for
this imitative.  The SKiCal reference given in Libby's letter is a bit
wordy. If you would like to see more clearly what SKiCal has been doing, I
suggest you look at the ABNF at


which shows SKiCal as a mime directory type on its last call for RFC status.

I believe that there are  others on the iCal mailing list who would be very
interested in this activity.  There are also interested souls in SyncML and
WEBDAV who have gone through years of discussions in the CALSCH WG.  They
would have much to offer.

Finally here is some XML-RDF calendar sketches Jonas L did when I tried to
interest people in a joint ietf-w3c calendar effort over a year ago.


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