Re: RDF Terminologicus

OK, here's my shot:

Web Resource:
   Anything that is identified by a URI [RRC2396].

RDF Resource:
   [See RDF M&S section 5]  Note that an RDF resource is not necessarily a 
web resource,
   though any web resource can be an RDF 
resource.  Consider: and name distinct RDF resources, but not distinct web 

RDF Statement, Statement:
   [See RDFM&S section 5]

RDF Description:
   [See RDFM&S]
   Construct containing representations of a number of RDF statements
   about a specific RDF resource, and possibly some additional statements.

Description [of]:
   (As opposed to RDF Description)
   Language or data structure providing information about some entity or

Stand for:
   A labelled entity that is used in descriptions indicate some entity or

Reification (of a statement):
   [See RDFM&S section 5]  A resource that stands for the statement 
together with
   the four statements that describe the statement.   In my opinion, a 
reification of
   a statement is not unique:  there may be more than one reification of 
any given

   A data structure (abstract or concrete) that captures some essential
   properties of some entity or concept.

Representing [x]:
   Being a representation of [x] (see above)

   An environment within which some statements are taken to be true.

   A reference to a statement without necessarily making any assertion about
   its truth or falsity.

   An assertion that some statement is true in some context.
(or should that be:
   An assertion in some context that some statement is true.
   NOTE:  this assertion is a statement separate from the
   statement asserted to be true.

   (I've tried to stop using this term, since it has a quite specific
   meaning to logicians, that is not the same as what I would regard as
   its "natural" meaning.)

Graham Klyne

Received on Monday, 1 January 2001 14:00:47 UTC