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Re: CG: XML Conceptual Graphs: an open design?

From: Murray Altheim <murray.altheim@sun.com>
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 23:28:42 -0700
Message-ID: <3B89E89A.5731187E@sun.com>
To: cg@cs.uah.edu
CC: RDF-IG <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
Seth Russell wrote:
> Murray Altheim wrote:
> [...]
> > Actually there is a syntax solution, if you work backwards. If you
> > create a <concept> element having an ID (identifier) in an XML Conceptual
> > Graphs document, post it to a fixed location on the Web, you've created
> > a URL that is essentially a binding point for anything that has the same
> > identity as whatever that concept is designated to describe. That URL in
> > the XTM space is called a Published Subject Indicator (PSI). Any other
> [...]
> Well I should have been clearer.  I meant to say that you cannot ~transmit~
> the identity of a thing by transmitting it's URI or any other syntactic
> construct whatsoever.  So defining these globally unique strings does not
> give us some magical identity matrix in the ether on which we can map our
> things.   I think a lot of semantic web builders are (perhaps
> subconsciously) thinking, or wishing that it will.
> Well I claim that a URI does NOT provide a means for identifying anything
> that has identity.  Such a means of identifying things would need to be a
> method (a process) acted upon by a community of usage.  Without the method,
> without the process, without the community, these globally unique strings
> will just hang there against a background of static;  and will not even
> constitute information.
> Let me continue with your example URI ...
> [2]   http://www.altheim.com/xcg/animals.xcg#jackrussell
> ... well I didn't know what a "Jack Russell terrier" was (thanks for the
> great example!); and by transmitting to me your URI, you did not get me one
> bit closer.  Rather, since I was curious, I first tried to dereference your
> URI and of course, that was useless. [...]

Ah, but there's where I won't follow your argument. My example was simply
an example in a discussion *here*, which is why the URI didn't dereference
to anything. You seem to deliberately ignore the scenario I'd set up that
stated that the URI *did* dereference to an XML Conceptual Graph document.
Why? I dunno -- perhaps to make a different point. My point was however that
there was something at the other end of that URI, something that was useful
in describing the concept I was conveying, or pointing to such a description.
And if that was an XML Conceptual Graph document, an XTM document, whatever, 
that would provide precisely the methodology that you are requiring. The
transmission of that URI was designed to allow for the transmission of
either identity or information about an identity. Heck, all of the URLs
on billboards in silicon valley are based on that proposition.

No static necessary.


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