Possible RDBMS solution

I've been browsing around various locations on the web looking for a way to
represent RDF graphs in a database. I came across the page
<http://www-db.stanford.edu/~melnik/rdf/db.html>  and found some of the
examples useful, but slightly too complex for that majority of the work I
will be carrying out. Therefore, I would like to propose the db model I have
been using, and have found to be simple, minimalist, and functional.
Contributed by: Craig Pugsley
Data: September 29th 2000
Brief summary: Another simple design that captures a minimalist version of
an RDF graph. Very functional and compact. Treats the resources and
statements explicitly in an attempt to highlight the "resources can be
anything" ethos. The nature of my work also required x- and y-coord fields
in which to hold the graphical position of the nodes when modelling. 
CREATE TABLE Resources {
    ID int,
    Type varchar(50),
    Value varchar(255),
    XCoord int,
    YCoord int
CREATE TABLE Statements {
    SubjectID int,
    ObjectID int,
    Predicate varchar(255),
    StatementURI varchar(255)
Hope this helps in some way!

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