Re: online course on Metadata

Just noted an error in the course (and I have only skimmed a part of it).

In the section "Benefits" under "Where is the Metadata?" it says "Metadata on
Internet resources stored together with the resource are placed at the top of a
document. They can be found inside the Header section of an HTML page and they
are normally hidden to the user. Metadata stored separately from the resource
are located in databases, in indexes or in catalogues."
This is not correct, since inline metadata can be placed anywhere in the

And of course, one wonders why there is no mention of RDF, and why the metadata
editor does not generate RDF.


Margit Hofer wrote:

> Dear all,
> EUN put a free Metadata course on the net at:
> It is a general introduction to Metadata, its use, sense, explaining also a
> Metadata tool, producing MD, but also a MD viewer.
> I would be very interested if you find it useful, so I am kindly asking you
> to take some minutes to fill out the evalutation form in order to check if
> it is a valuable contribution to the Metadata initative.
> Thanks for your help - with kind regards,
> Margit Hofer
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Received on Wednesday, 27 September 2000 20:49:17 UTC