Re: http://www.w3org/RDF/ project listings

> Just a brief note to remind you all that the page at 
> provides links to a number of RDF-related
> sites. If we don't currently link to your RDF site, it would be useful
> if you could send (either to www-rdf-interest or to myself and ralph)
> a brief description of what you're doing with RDF and a URL pointer.

I know you've been having a look at 4RDF and so you'll probably remember to 
add it, but just in case, here's a small reminder.


4RDF (part of 4Suite) is a Python library and toolkit for processing RDF.  
4RDF provides a serialization and deserialization of RDF, tools to manipulate 
statements in the resulting model, and for managing persistence of the RDF 
model.  4RDF also implements an experimental inference engine for RDF data.


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