09/14/2000 01:09 PM
(subscript: Javier Ferreiro Garcia@TSM)
 Sorry, is there any work on progress regarding  CC/PP specs and Session
 Initiation Protocol (SIP)? Where can I find info about this effort?

 Does this work refer to the substitution of the SDP as description language for
 media capabilities, etc. and the use of CC/PP philosopy instead?

 Thank you in advance

 >Day 1
 >Review of the CC/PP specifications and additional documents (e.g.
 >implementation notes)
 >Review of protocol work (SIP, HTTP)
 >Review of existing implementations - 15 minutes each?
 >Conformance criteria - compare the WAP approach. How to guarantee
 >Further specification work needed (e.g. develop vocabularies)?
 >Social event


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