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> 6.  There is a mapping called Reification which a maps
>     each member s of Statements onto a unique member r
>     of Resources.  r is known as the reficiation of s.
>     Here unique means given s1 and s2 members of
>     Statements, Reification(s1) = Reification(s2) iff
>     s1 = s2. 

I don't read the RDF spec to imply this. Instead something like:

	there is a relationship Reifies over {(r,s)} where
	r Reifies s (wrt a model m)
	m contains the statements
		r -[rdf:subject]-> (subject(s))
		r -[rdf:predicate]-> ...etc

in other words, "a reification" instead of "the reification" is the
right way to look at this.


PS. the reason I prefer this weaker definition is because I'm slightly
cautious about the mechanics of retrieving s given only the URI of its
reification, r.

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