generic XML to RDF triple mapping

I believe that it should be possible to map arbitrary XML into RDF triples.

As part of Redfoot, I would like to define a mapping language for
describing, in a declarative way and for a particular XML schema, how to map
instances of that schema into RDF triples.

Furthermore, I believe that all descriptions of serialization of RDF should
be separated out of the RDF Syntax specification and could be described
merely in terms of the mapping language.

I would imagine that powerful mapping language could be achieved simply by
mapping XPaths to subject, predicate and object (and perhaps a handful of
properties such as type and label.

My first question is: what work, if any, has been done on this kind of
mapping language? (Extensibility's Schema Adjunct Framework would definitely
have some input)

My second question is: would anyone be interested in working on this (along
with an implementation) as part of the Redfoot project?

James Tauber, Director XML Technology, Bowstreet
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Received on Friday, 8 September 2000 05:57:44 UTC