Re: Meaning of Alt

Graham Klyne wrote:
> (b) the lack of clarify about what rdf:Alt means, and the lack of a
> compelling prototypical application for it suggests to me that it might be
> struck from the core specification.

I'd actually prefer to keep it but just remove the implication that
the items are "the same" in some unspecified way.  It would then map
cleanly to the common programming language "enumerated type" concept
which has lots of uses.  Enumerated types can also modeled as
subclasses or instances but sometimes it is just more natural to put
some things in a bag and say "pick one". Something like the colors on
a stop light can reasonably be modeled in this way rather than
introducing a totally artificial "stop_light_color" class.


Received on Thursday, 7 September 2000 15:00:02 UTC