Referencing items in RDF

**First, do I understand RDF?

In the RDF syntax, statements are made through triples. The first two items
in a triple are required to be URIs (the second URI being generated through
the combination of namespace and value-name). The third however, can be any
value. An example triple is: -s:Creator-> "Ora Lassila"

where "s:" is replaced with the example namespace:

**The new idea

Is there a way, or a URI format, to represent the value of an RDF statement.
That is, given these two URIs:

How do I represent the value "Ora Lassila"?

**Has it been done?

As far as I can see, reification in RDF is done through the use of all three
properties in the triple, neatly sidestepping the creation of a URI.

I assume that the benefits of having a URI to represent RDF values would be
obvious -- URIs are extremely useful and are supposedly extensible to
represent anything with identity.

I would appreciate any help in this matter.

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Received on Sunday, 3 September 2000 08:16:05 UTC