Re: RDF querying: is there a mail-merge like template-language?

I believe (but am not sure) that XSLT supports this kind of use. Dan
Connolly has sent some stuff to this list about playing with XSLT for
dealing with RDF. Another useful example might be Rick Jelliffe's schematron
- - not
exactly the same, but not too far away either.

Charles McCN

On Thu, 11 May 2000 wrote:

  Most of the discussions in this forum are on syntax, naming, etc. In short:
  how to put RDF data and structure into documents.
  There were some threads on retrieving / querying RDF but I regret the
  little attention to this aspect.
  I know of initiatives like Metalog, XML-QL, XQL, XSL.
  What I am really looking for is a template-like construct that allows you
  to retrieve RDF-data that is specified earlier in the current document or
  in another RDF document.
  This template-construct would allow you to write any document text with
  placeholders that are evaluated.
  Something like the mail-merge concept.:
  "Dear <$person:ID=1234:title$> <$person:ID=1234:name$>, I am happy to
  inform you bla bla..."
  Resulting in:
  "Dear Mr. Smith, I am happy to inform you bla bla..."
  Is anybody aware of initiatives that would easily perform this task?

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