Converting SHOE to RDF: about 2/3 done; some gotchas

More XSLT and RDF fun:

	Transforming SHOE to RDF

I took some shoe pages and then xhtml-ized them:
	(1) xml-ized them using tidy
		with a config file for allowing SHOE tags
	(2) added the SHOE namespace to the shoe tags

So much for un-crufting the pages... then I actually converted
them to RDF. I started proceeding methodically thru the
SHOE spec, but then got sloppy and just hacked on a case-by-case
basis thru the SHOE tutorial. I got thru the first two
pages of the tutorial (basic ontologies and instances)
but I haven't tackled inferences (i.e. horn clauses, i.e.
if/then's with variables) yet.

Some @@'s from the code, and a bit of annotation:

    <xsl:with-param name="value" select="shoe:arg/@value"/> <!-- @@ URI
or not??? -->

	-- in shoe relations, there's no syntactic distinction
		between literals and URIs, so I can't
		tell when to use rdf:resource and when not to. :-{

    <!-- @@ we treat use-ontology as purely syntactic;
         should we extract any semantics from it?

        <xsl:message>@@found n-ary predicate; only binary predicates are

  <!-- @@FIX: only one level of prefix is supported -->

	-- SHOE allows x.y.z in names, to mean
		"the thing called z in the thing called y in the thing
		that I call x, which is at URL ..."

  <!-- use a shoe URL directly as an RDF namespace,
                     or do some sort of mapping? @@ -->

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Thursday, 11 May 2000 02:56:02 UTC