Re: Update to XLink -> RDF mapping

> From: Ron Daniel (
> Date: Mon, Jun 26 2000
> Hi all,
> The XML Linking WG decided that they would not try to put
> the XLink to RDF mapping into the XLink spec as an
> appendix. Instead, it was decided that the mapping would
> be submitted as a NOTE.
> Here's a draft of the text (both in HTML and the XML
> source). It has been revised to be a NOTE. It
> has also been updated to deal with linkbases, and some
> of the material on extracting the structure of an
> extended link into a Bag has been removed.
> Any other member organizations who want to be in on
> the submission, let me know.
>    * text/html attachment: xlink2rdf1.html

an editorial nit: it says both

| The
| starting Resource of the simple link SHALL be mapped to the subject of
the RDF statement.


| The ending Resource of the simple link SHALL be mapped to the subject
of the RDF statement.

I presume you meant 'object' rather than 'subject' in the latter.

Anyway... I got about 1/10th of the way thru implementing it
as an XSLT transformation. I was able to convert your first

... In a <x:extRef xlink:type="simple"
   >recent paper</x:extRef>, Dr. Taylor assumes that ...


<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""
  <oops-predicate rdf:about="#xpointer-for-N8"
  xmlns:rdf="" />

  <rdf:type rdf:about=""
  rdf:resource="" />

  <rdf:Class rdf:about="" />

As you can see, I ran into some trouble already:

	* how do I compute a namespace name and a local name from
	the predicate I suppose
	l:cite xmlns:l='' would work,
	but I couln't figure out how to implement that with XSLT ;-)

	But I don't see a general purpose algorithm, especially
	since URIs need not end with XML name characters

	This is a generic RDF problem, not a problem with this
	xlink->rdf mapping; i.e. it's an issue with serializing
	RDF models in the general case.

Anyway... it's pretty feeble at this point, but share and enjoy:
$Id: xlink2rdf.xsl,v 1.1 2000/06/28 03:43:31 connolly Exp $

see also: Makefile and examples.xml in:

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Tuesday, 27 June 2000 23:54:27 UTC