RE: RDF and XLink

Eve said:

> I have another question that I hope will spur discussion.  In discussing 
> with Sergey and Stefan the fact that a single arc specification may create
> multiple arcs (when the same arc label value appears on multiple 
> resources), I was warned:
> "I'd recommend to be very careful with such things. RDF spec has a
> similar construct "aboutEach" which has been the subject of controversy
> and misunderstanding. The spec demands that the "batch" process of
> assigning the given relationship with every member of the bag (or in
> your case, every element with the same label) takes place during
> parsing, i.e. is transparent to the applications. However, a similar
> syntactic element "aboutEachPrefix" can only be expressed at the model
> level, i.e. using special relationships with predefined meaning."
> Having read through Ron's writeup, I don't think this really comes into 
> play, since each *actual arc specified* (not merely each arc-type element)
> spins off its own set of RDF statements.  However, I would be grateful for
> feedback on whether this is a gray area/problem in XLink and its 
> relationship to RDF.  Thanks--
In fact, I briefly considered using 'aboutEach' to allow
a more direct harvesting of Links that used roles to
identify several resources.
I dropped that idea as being needlessly complex, and
went with the approach where each traversal arc gave
rise to a single RDF statement.


Received on Friday, 2 June 2000 10:30:34 UTC