Re: Announcing RDFdb

(what Guha _meant_ to say was that this is a semistructured 
database for XML-powered Web apps that use an edge-labelled 
graph datamodel.  Like RDF :-)


However described, it's a nice bit of work and (judging by the
linux binary) a good step towards shrinkwrappability of RDF
database/query/parser tools. So please send Guha lots of bug reports (and

The query language aspect is interesting, and perhaps worth discussing
here. The current system uses SQL-ish textual query strings rather than
the use-markup-for-all-structure philosophy. Other systems I've seen have
a similar but not the same approach. It'd be good to have some
basis for interchanging queries (and inference rules) between applications
like RDFdb. Which raises a bunch of issues, one of which i'm currently
puzzling over: how do we represent query variables to RDF? 

This cropped up in the DanC/Jos discussion of inference rules recently[1],
where Dan quite reasonably objected to "recognizing variables by their
spelling". I really don't know which approach makes sense for this right
now, but still I find 'var:' appealing, much as 'phone:', or 'java:' etc
can be used for homegenous regions of the URI namespace. That said,
claiming a toplevel URI scheme is serious business; maybe just using would be just as good. DanC's model is
intriguing, but doesn't really address the issue of which URIs do we use
to identify the variables in some representation of a query. (I think his
answer is 'any will do'...)

Has anyone else come up with models for representing variables over
RDF? Might be fun to write translations to/from Guha's RDFdb language, for



On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Guha wrote:

> Hi,
>  I'd like to announce the first release of RDFdb
> (
>  RDFdb is an open source (under the MPL) scalable triple database server
> with a
> SQL-like front end. Its written in C with a perl client.
>  You can download a linux binary or the source from the above url.
>   I'd appreciate any comments, feedback, bug reports, bug fixes, ...
>  thanks,
>  Guha

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