Re: Improved RDF support in new Protege-2000 release

Ray Fergerson wrote:
> We have just released Protege-2000 version 1.4 with greatly improved
> support for working with RDF.  We have rewritten our RDF backend so
> that it now uses Sergey's parser to both load and save RDF.  This
> should fix a number of compatibility problems that our users
> encountered with our previous "experimental" RDF support.  In
> addition, we now have support for properties as "first class
> citizens".  This allows users to work with RDF in Protege in a much
> more natural fashion than was previously possible.
> Protege-2000 is an open-source graphical editor for knowledge-base
> systems which has been adapted to edit RDF.  Additional information
> and download instructions can be found at:
> Information specific to RDF support in Protege can be found at:
> The Protege Team

Hi Ray,

please excuse if this is dumb question, but I am new to the RDF topic. What
kind is the piece of software you called "Sergey's parser"? Is this public
domain/open source software? Where can I find it? I once planned to write my
own XML -> RDF model -> XML software, but tracking the additionally generated
statements (reified statements, bags, aboutEach, aboutEachPrefix), so that no
extra/unneccessary statements are produced for them in the output phase, was a
hurdle too high for my first attempt.


Klaus Malorny

Received on Monday, 17 July 2000 03:30:34 UTC