Changed URL

Hi. The address to the (old) perl "RDF Schema editor" has changed from to

Could someone please change the link on ?

A more recent version of the program (v0.17) and database has been

A new perl RDF engine (the WRAF project) is under development. Nothing
ready to be shown yet. But I could mention some design goals:

* Work with many interfaces to several databases, online services, and
other sources.

* Generalize every API function and interface, so that the system is
described in RDF itself. (You doesn't have to manualy download software
updates anymore)

* Optimized caching on many levels

* Uses "models", namespaces, aboutEachPrefix, etc as the domain for

* A presentation schema will present the requested information, formatted
depending on the context.

* Implemented as a service deamon with a small cgi/mod_perl client.

Any support from intrested perl programmers are welcomed.

/ Jonas  -

Received on Sunday, 9 July 2000 13:15:32 UTC