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E-Content Management International Workshop Series

From: <Atta.Badii@northampton.ac.uk>
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Dear Research Colleague

We suspect that due to a mailbase list error the following Call may 
not have reached you when it was first distributed.  We regret 
this error which has only just come to light and recognise the 
short notice but welcome any interest you may have in this or 
our next event which is scheduled to be held in early December 2000.  

We are also interested in new members to join ENCOMPASS with a  view 
to expanding our range of activities.

Atta Badii

Call for Participation:  International e-Content Management Workshop 
Series:  ENCOMPASS2000 Thematic Parallel Workshop Series on e-Content 
Management, Usability Mining & Mass-Personalisation 

Date: Friday 14th July 2000	
Venue:University College Northampton; UK	
Submissions latest by: 3rd July 2000
Acceptances by: 7th July 2000

Work-in-progress papers or long papers can be submitted as candidates
for presentation and discussion in this Parallel Workshop Series.
Selected long papers with a research focus centred on areas listed
below may be recommended for further development and inclusion in the
future issues of the new ENCOMPASS Journal: an International Journal
of e-Content Management, Usability Mining & Mass-Personalisation
edited by the ENCOMPASS Thematic Research Network Group

Submission and enquiries by e-mail to ENCOMPASS Series Coordinator:

Motivation: e-Content
At the current pace of growth and innovation, electronic commerce
sites will find it increasingly difficult to give users the feeling of
personal and directed service that will ultimately make the
difference.  Electronic Content Management, Usability Mining and
Mass-Personalisation Systems constitute the most important challenges
for IS futures and the central focus for the ENCOMPASS Parallel
Thematic Workshop Series.

Programme Committee:
Atta Badii,  Chris Kimble, Zahir Irani, Trevor Wood-Harper, 
Dan Remenyi, Martina Dewsnapp, John O'Connor.

The Programme Committee invites submission of position papers on any
of the research issues associated with the challenges of e-Content
Management that may include but are not limited to:

Man, Machine and Mutuality,  On-line usability evaluation and mining,
global user interface design for mutual intelligibility and
scanability, e-ethics of  web-site usability mining;

Universals of patterns for systems design and deployment for cultural
inter-operation, "the quality without a name", J/DM-PPR theoretic bias
effects in usability perception and user (dis)satisfaction tracking; 

Content Convergence: Content  inter-modality, re-usability and 
sharing across intelligent distributed domestic systems

IS-situated cultural audit and accommodation, user reachabilities and
relationships analysis and modelling, adaptive courseware design for
e-learning, situated semiotics of web-sites/webAds, web metrics and
Q-map endorsements, web content reliability mining and ranking;

Life-style hypertext publishing, gender and disability-specific models
for e-content management, social interaction and navigation systems,
CSCW, community interaction tools for portals and marketplaces;

New business models and dynamic transaction systems between
collaborating content owners/service providers and their users; 

Agent-based services and ontologies, persona technology, agent
identity, agent privacy and authentication issues and systems;

Personalised/subjected-oriented portals and standards for virtual
seminars development, co-browsing and co-e-learning systems,
perceptions of personal space,and virtual presence,  togetherness in
distributed co-e-learning and co-e-shopping.
Subject-oriented/transaction-specific adaptive navigation support for
cross-browsing, semantic browsing and manipulating moving images &

Design of meta-data structures (e.g. XMLs) for intuitive referencing
in content classification, computer-aided navigation models e.g.
contextually-aware agent/interface logics and layers to suit various
navigation contexts, client-based /ISP-based filters;

Multimedia document management systems, automated content packaging
and presentation systems, intelligent integrated network traffic
management meta-models (content push/pull control, QOS management); 

Content management models for Integrated Electronic, 
Geographic and Mobile Commerce (EGM-Commerce) , GIS and DataWeb 
Applications, Customer Relationship Management Systems;

Evaluation Server Systems for routinisation of on-line
mass-consultation and mass-personalisation with minimised nuisance and
distortion, e-content management for e-governance and e-government

Atta Badii
Reader (Information Systems & Sciences)
Department of Information Systems
University College Northampton
Northampton NN2  7AL
United Kingdom.

Phone : +  44 (0)1604 735500
Fax:       + 44 (0)1604 720636

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