RE: Discussion-Paper: A Logical Interpretation of RDF


This paper was a pleasure to read!

There were a few places where I couldn't reconcile what
was written with my intutions:

o (2) statement(s,p,o) => uri(s) ...

  I'm not sure how to interpret uri(s).  RDF has anonymous
  resources.  Is uri(s) true for such resources?  Is it
  true for a reified statement?

o (5) lit(o) => instanceOf(o, rdfs_Literal)

  I was curious why there is no equivalent 

      res(o) => instanceOf(o, rdfs_Resource)

o In the discussion at the end of 3.2.4 you express some
  concerns about the definition of subPropertyOf.  RDF
  permits a resource to have the same property with more
  than one value, i.e.

       statement(S, P, O1) and statement(S, P, O2)

  is just fine.  There is therefore no requirement that
  Vsp has only one value.

Brian McBride

Received on Monday, 28 August 2000 10:54:17 UTC