XML in RDF in XML via XSLT: an infoset implementation

This is a little raw, but given the recent
interest in the infoset and RDF in xml-dev


I think it's timely to release it now;
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It takes piece of XML content (i.e. stuff matching
the content production, like you might find
inside a parseType="literal" element in RDF)
and represents it in RDF, per the schema in
the infoset spec. I haven't integrated it
into the rest of
but I plan to shortly.

This highlights some of the differences between
the infoset data model and the XPath data model,
since I'm using XPath to destructure the input.

I think it also clarifies some stuff about
how xml:lang fits into the RDF model, and
about how XML Schema datatypes (and
structured types, for that matter) fit
with RDF.

anyway... I have just one rough example of the
output now


which is the output of running content.xsl on


Running it over the whole thing, that is, not
just the contents of a parseType="literal"

I don't think I can post to xml-dev, but if
anybody wants to forward this there, please do.

Also... www-rdf-interest folks might notice
that the components in the XML Schema spec
form a "directed, labelled graph". I hope
to write an XSLT script that extracts that
graph in RDF. Bonus points to anybody who
beats me to it. A concern is that the
properties in the XML schema spec aren't
explicitly given URI names (though they
are implicitly given URI names, via anchors in the
actual HTML document).

Dan Connolly, W3C http://www.w3.org/People/Connolly/

Received on Sunday, 13 August 2000 08:20:34 UTC