RE: Summary of Recent Discussions about an Application Programmin g Interface for RDF

I'd like to thank Peter for his efforts in doing this.  

I am a newcomer to RDF and had been working my way through the mail archive
trying to integrate the various discussions into an overall picture.
Peter's paper is a great help.

Brian McBride

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>Subject: Summary of Recent Discussions about an Application Programming
>Interface for RDF
>Hello RDF community,
>Peter Hannappel a student of the University of Essen created a 
>"Summary of Recent Discussions about an 
>Application Programming Interface for RDF"
>covering the discussions till December of 1999.
>:This paper introduces a proposal for an RDF API 
>:standard made by the RDF interest community which
>:discussed the topic in a newsgroup hosted by the W3C.
>:Chapter 2 is dedicated to previous approaches to an 
>:RDF API. Chapter 3 describes the development of the
>:API standard and displays its current status. In Chapter
>:4 an example of implementing the standard is introduced.
>:The last chapter is used to describe future work 
>:that could be done to extend the API.
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