Re: RDF Queries?

> I am working on a query language for RDF. I was wondering if
> anyone else in this group is interested in this sort of thing
> or if anyone can suggest pointers to related work?

You may be interested in our work at the OMG.  The following submission
proposes a CORBA interface for querying RDF information:

The main elements of this are:

- CORBA interface for queries against RDF-model oriented data
- CORBA encoding for resource descriptions (query results)
- use of RDF-schema for the meta-data

Admitedly, only the latter feature involves XML and RDF-syntax, so this is
probably not exactly what you had in mind.  But the rest is all RDF-model
based and so you may be interested in the choices we made in the query

Arnold deVos
Langdale Consultants

(If you have any trouble accessing the above resource, let me know.)

Received on Wednesday, 6 October 1999 20:37:50 UTC