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Re: Cambridge Communique

From: Ken Laskey <kenneth.j.laskey@saic.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 10:48:32 -0500
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At 10:02 AM +1100 11/11/1999, Arnold deVos wrote:
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>From: Perry A. Caro <caro@Adobe.COM>
>  > What I'm sure most of us developers want to know is:
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>  > * How do we decide which one to use (RDFSchema vs. XSchema)?
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>My understanding is the an RDF schema is a specification for data (like a
>database schema) while an XML schema is specification for a language syntax.
>The two things are similar but distinct.

Here is another opinion of the relationship.  Imagine an XML Schema 
that defines the "hard" metadata for a book, e.g. author, title, 
ISBN.  These are immutable properties of the book.  Now, the New York 
Times does a review of the book which creates "assertions" which are 
not hard facts but still related information.  The connection of 
these assertions to the book would be through RDF.  RDF might also be 
used by various booksellers to make assertions about the price they 
are individually charging or possibly special offers about the book.

I have not yet tried to create concrete examples to see how well I 
can make this work, but for now, it is the framework through which 
I'm trying to make sense of the ambiguity.  I'm open to other 


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