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Followup 2: The Heart of RDF Darkness

From: Jeff Sussna <jeff.sussna@quokka.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 14:38:55 -0800
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Given the notion of reification, it would be nice to be able to simply say
"property X defined within description Y has the timeframe 1987-1993". As
far as I can tell, however, this is impossible, since there is no way to
make a statement about a single member of a container (the contained in this
case being the Bag of property statements contained by the description).
Even if I could, I would be restricted to identifying the property as "the
first element of the bag". Given that RDF makes no constraints on ordering
within a description, this would be completely unreliable! Unless I am
missing something, the darkness really does strike at the heart. Gack!


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