RE: Static pages

I have written a FoxPro application, "dbf-to-html", that merges a dbf file
with an html template file to create an html file for every record in a
database, just like a mail-merge. It also creates an index html file with
links to each html file created. Supports conditional expressions in html
template file, too.   Graphical, no programming required.

It's a FoxPro/Mac app write now, but if anybody wants a FoxPro/Windows
version, I'll make it available.


Example html template file:


Located in beautiful <b> %%RTRIM(city)%%, %%state%%, </b> the <b>
%%RTRIM(school)%% </b> provides a challenging  environment where your child
can blah, blah......
<b> %%RTRIM(school)%% </b>

<!-- check out this conditional expression:  -->

%%IIF(member, " has been a member school for <b>"+ st(yrs) +"</b> years.",
" is not currently a member school.")%%

[<A HREF="/">Home</A> |
<A HREF="index.html">School List</A>]


Andrew Warner